Our business  trading unit,   is based on our  widest experience In Import and export,  and in our  biggest expertise  in procurement, in  negociation, and in bringing the best to our customer.

In this unit ,  our mission, is fulfil the complete needs of our trading customers,   and  not only   bring the products at the best rate, but as well, as  supply a complete service,  that’s represents a full  solution for our final end trade customer.

Bricer is trading all kind of  food and  non food products,    including  raw materials,  groceries, soft drinks, animal products and   agricultural. We are able to supply any  tangible  good for and to suppliers and producers worldwide.

Our main trading customers, are  traders like us,   are end consumers, industrial companies, manufacturers, distributors, and retailers.

Bricer is completely   dedicated to provide a  full service , that   as traders, includes  also assessing market conditions, anticipating price trends, and negotiating contracts with suppliers  to  ensure  the most  favorable conditions  to our end customer.

In Bricer Trading Unit,  we give always  full solutions  and  in that,  we take for us,  all the  responsibility  for managing  the   circuit of product itself, and all the customs and  logistics  procedures of the products acquired and sold by us.

This involve transportation, storage, packaging, and timely delivery of products in  the best  efficient manner.

 We also, are much  sensitive to  Compliance and Regulation,  and for that, our  business  trading unit operates in compliance with regulations and guidelines applicable to each market  where we operate,  and this  include compliance with government regulations, industry standards, and ethical business practices.

We are also, in a permanent research  , conducting  a permanent t market analysis to assess supply and demand trends, forecast price movements, and identify trading opportunities.

In sum,  Have a trading partner like  Bricer, plays a crucial role in  any  company’s operations.

 Bricer facilitates  all   intermediation of the  commercial  processes, and help  you  to have the  major profit,  and  manage  the risks  we face in the global physical markets.


 If you want a trade partner,  like us, send us your email, and your  products requests, and we are able  to assist you.

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